Aloha Hokuli’a, ¡Adiós despedida! Kona Babes


Another belated post celebrating the Kona Babes is waaaaayyy overdue,  as this event occurred on April 28th.  My time seems to travel faster than the Starship Enterprise on Warp Speed and before I can blink – the first of yet another month has arrived!

Shortly after  Dossie and Harry’s dinner on the 20th, Rachel and Mei extended invitations to Hokuli’a (members and guests only) for  a Mexican fiesta catered by Los Habaneros (located in Keauhou  Village Shops).

Rachel and the Los Habaneros crew

We arrived with husbands in tow, revved up for an evening of great food and relaxing fun  at the most resplendent domain  on island!

It was a delightful surprise when Nathan greeted us with his colossal smile…as if we were jubilant captives on this lush private island!

The Pavillion wouldn’t be…without Nathan!

Terri & Bill

The couples, and other assorted Hokuli’a members in attendance, lined up at the abundant buffet in the center of the room.  All the components necessary to create our individual dream version of ‘south-of-the-border’ cuisine was laid out before us:  Corn and flour tortillas, pinto, refried and black beans, spanish rice, shredded lettuces, chopped tomatoes, fresh made salsa, guacamole, steam trays full of pork, chicken and beef, plus much more.  A chef heated the tortillas as we pointed to ingredients to heap onto our plates for enchiladas, carnitas, tacos – you name it – they made it!

In support of this evening’s theme, the bar featured margueritas and  various cerveza (beer) along with wine and other spirits.

Mei & Bruce

These are some great photos of the Babes with their spouses, and if you click on them, they will enlarge to a more viewable size.

Harry & Dossie

Gary & Mary Lee

For dessert – could there be anything else?  Flan!  Creamy custard, light and tender, hit the spot after gorging ourselves with such a lavish meal.

Dick & Joann

Bruce & Carolyn

Allen & Carol

As the evening progressed, we caught up with each other, knowing that some of the guests were leaving Kona for a short while.  News about the possible re-opening of the Pavillion in the fall travelled swiftly  through the crowd, producing affirmative head shaking and an air of near-euphoric rapture from the liberated group of party-goers.

Soon after dessert, more margaritas ensued and some seriously  goofy manifestations of behavior  started to materialize.  At this juncture, I am sure you are hoping I’d reveal that we formed a boisterous conga line snaking through the building, or that the evening began to resemble the raucous closing ceremony at the London Olympics (which I loved!!)……   We merely had as much fun as anyone over 50 can have without acting bizarre (except in the eyes of our grandchildren perhaps).

Jamsie & Steve

And speaking of grandchildren (who roll their eyes upwards at the thought of  one of their senior relatives having fun and acting SO NOT LIKE ADULTS!)  – what could they possibly learn from their esteemed grandparents if they happen to click on this blog post?

Tom & Rachel

That not only can fun be enjoyed at any age, but gray hair and wrinkles accompany wisdom of life that is readily passed onto youth when they are ready to hear it.  Another concept that can be gleaned from this post is that relationships should be cherished and nurtured and in return, they will support you through life!

Joann & Harry getting silly!

So off the pulpit – I conclude that a fun time was had by all….. and Hokuli’a… we hope to see you again soon!  Mahalo Rachel, Tom, Mei & Bruce!!

why Harry – what a nice shade of lipstick! LOL

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