Cool Cat Diner – Jan 8, 2011


   Do you ever daydream about the “good old days” when life seemed effortless and happiness was:

  • the cherry on top of a banana split, shared with two of your best girl (or guy) friends; 
  • Sliding into the front seat of your boyfriend’s cherry-ragtop hotrod and snuggling next to him as you drive to the soda fountain to meet the gang;
  • “pinning” your best girl;
  • A limeade with 2 straws;
  • Wearing your boyfriend’s class ring on a chain around your neck to announce that you were officially “going steady”;
  • A pink polka-dot scarf around your neck that matches your sweater and bowling bag;
  • Hanging out at the drive-in and listening to the sounds of Bill Haley & the Comets on the radio;
  • Munching on fries and burgers while gossiping about anyone else!

 On Saturday, January 8th, the Kona Babes travelled back in time to relive  their Happy Days by throwing a 50’s bash at Babe Carolyn’s upcountry Holualoa digs.  There, surrounded by an orchard of coffee trees and blooming “Bird of Paradise”, they laughed, danced and spun hula hoops into the night! 

Our consummate hostess, Carolyn, transformed her carport into Cool-Cat Diner complete with jukebox decor, black and white checkered tablecloths (handmade by herself), balloons and other typical 50’s paraphernalia.


Each doll(Babes) contributed a food dish that was characteristic of the time period.  The menu consisted of the following items:


onion dip and chips – Tina ; devilled eggs – Mei; – Carolyn & Cindy; French fries – Teri; all the fixins’ (garnishments) for the burgers – Pam;  macaroni and cheese casserole – Mary Lee; chocolate cake – Joann; banana split cake – Dossie; vanilla & chocolate shakes – Carol; Root beer floats – Carolyn; Bottled pop/soda – Carolyn

Although this writer couldn’t attend the Kona Babes annual themed dinner party (appended at the end of this blog), rave reviews were forthcoming via email and again at lunch this week.

Teri won the “Peggy Sue” award for her hip apparel; teased & bobbed hair (a wig), poodle skirt, neck scarf, initial pin and saddle oxfords – which I learned later were her golf shoes sans cleats – TOO COOL, DADDY-O!!

Looking at the photos, I saw familiar rolled up jeans, ankle socks and white tennies, hair ties, ponytails, pedal-pushers and capris.  These chicks really got into the swing of it! 


They literally went “ape” for the fries (prepared by Teri just the way her mom used to do). 
Comments from some of the hipsters were:

“…the onion dip and chips really brought back memories…”, and

“…I can’t believe Carolyn made those tablecloths – fabulous…”,

“…OMG – those fries…”

“…the most adorable  little glass-bottled Coca Cola, Root Beer and Cream Soda…I can’t even remember when  the last time was that  I had one of those!”.

“…the food was better than the actual 50’s.  We should have a hula hoop contest – our Babes can really gyrate!”.

And speaking of those hula hoops – I heard a lot of boasting at lunch about “…I used to be able to do that”! 

Uh huh – I saw the pic’s!!

Although Carol blended up a few authentic root-beer floats, she reported that none of the Babes even looked twice at her sudsy offering.  That’s because they were probably all swigging wine out of the bottle at that point, Carol!    What I’d like to know is:  were you all trying to hide it from your parents??  Man – you’re some Bad Cats!

Nevertheless, a good time was had by all at the hip hop Cool-Cat Diner.  As the infamous Holualoa chill set in, the Babes departed with smiles on their faces and fond memories of their nearly-forgotten youth.  Strains of “Kookie, Kookie, lend me your comb…”, hung out in the minds of at least a few partygoers, only to pop up later in such odd locales such as a supermarket or library.  And here’s one that will really strike a chord with you hip cats – SEE YOU LATER ALLIGATOR!  (and you answer:   in awhile, Crocodile)

Note from the author:

How I Spent My Summer Vacation – uh, Evening:

Every so often, a situation comes up where a friend must be a friend to more than one.  On the evening of  the 50’s party, I chose to befriend someone that I seldom get to see (she lives in Hilo) and who was having a showing of her works at the Lavender Moon Gallery in Kainaliu.  I knew that the fantastic Kona Babes would have a great party despite my absence, and that I would definitely want to write about it – and that by doing so, I would essentially be there in spirit! 

My friend, artist Christina Skaggs, had a wonderful show and even sold a painting.  Here is the link to her website

and to her show at Lavendar Moon Gallery

Carolyn and the mascot of the Cool Cat Diner

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  1. Thank you Jamsie, you did it again, loved every word of this posting, & the pictures need no words, can’t you see ?!! how nuch fun we had…..
    Carolyn, you were a wonderful Hostess, big Mahalo !!!!
    I just found out that Jamsie used to be a expert in Hula hoops, I bet you can still Hula hooping today !!!
    Aloha, Mei

  2. Jamsie you rock as usual. Thank you for putting this together in such a wonderful way and Thank you Carolyn W. for being a great Hostess.
    Aloha, Carol

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