We Left Our Hearts at Lava Lava


The Huggo’s ohana has managed to create a casual yet exclusive ambiance (found mostly in 5 star beachfront hotels), where you feel as though:   you are the luckiest person on the planet to be here on the Big Island; you could care less about the world beyond at that moment; you want to toss your cellphone into the nearby ocean so that you can fully ingest your surroundings.  In otherwords, you are blessed. 


At least, that’s what I would call it while sitting in a cushioned, teak chair, drink in hand, toes in sand, waves lapping on the shore,  sunset on the horizon.   Not much opportunity to do that in many places these days.   Yes, you are blessed, as we were when the Kona Babes made the trek to Waikoloa Resort to see firsthand what many were shouting  about.


Lava Lava Beach Club  is perched  on 10 acres of pristine oceanfront land gracing Anaeho’omalu Bay.  Formerly a retreat for Parker Ranch employees, the neglected acreage got a scrub and a bit of creative brilliance  tossed  in to reveal a unique venue worth the odyssey from Kona.  Admittedly, we can be a fickle group with high expectations  upon arrival in order to drive 40+ minutes out of town to any destination…


2012-08-01 13.55.32

…and what a journey’s end  it turned out to be!  Totally worth the  drive out for lunch at Eric & Scott’s fabulous new restaurant, which was quite busy that day for lunch.  Thankfully, we “know people”… LOL!  and were able to get seated out on the lanai.



Scott came over to greet us and even agreed to a personal tour of the 4 cabins after our meal – did I mention those cabins??  Just another slice in the pie of Lava Lava!

2012-08-01 13.50.53

As we feasted on our tempting fare, kite surfers put on quite a show as they took off from the sand in front of us and sailed out over the bay.  The infamous gale force winds of Waikoloa were  in effect this day , however Lava Lava’s direction on the beach thankfully protects diners from getting sandblasted.


As with Huggo’s in Kona, Lava Lava features the freshest  local fish prepared with an island-style kick.  The produce, vegetables, garnishments, in fact all of the menu, was created using locally grown ingredients, which (HALLELUJAH! ) is the trend for our island’s more progressive eateries.

ono sandwich

ono sandwich

ono caesar

ono caesar

chicken panini

chicken panini

ono fish n chips

ono fish n chips

©Toby Hoogs Photography

shrimp and pineapple rice

FOR FAMILIES:  If  you happen to bring the kids along, they’ll even teach them how to hula while you enjoy your mai tai and keep them out of your hair while you actually relax!



There are 4 cottages, cleaved from the pages of “Coastal Living” magazine, that are available for stays or events.  Luckily, the one closest to the dining pavillion, Hale Kahakai,  was vacant that afternoon and we crowded into the adorable studio, probing every tiny detail  while a serene Scott stood discreetly nearby listening to our reviews.

2012-08-01 13.48.10

2012-08-01 13.44.02

The website has a complete listing of amenities and features, but essentially, they are fully air conditioned (it can be toasty down at the beach), include a  private outdoor shower, 40″ LCD flatscreen tv (and they boast online that they doubt you will use it during your stay – LOL!),  kitchenette (but of course, you’ll be next door for meals, mais oui?), and the all important lanai facing your panoramic view of the ocean.

2-punee-area1-looking-out2012-08-01 13.45.16

Booking for the cottages is done through their website:  http://lavalavabeachclub.com/

We discussed renting a Hale for the night and throwing a slumber party for the KB’s, however I don’t think I’ll be the one sleeping on the lounge chair out on the beach!   I can think of a number of reasons why it would be a fabulous idea to stay out there:  A romantic weekend with the love of your life;   time to work on that life-changing novella; an escape from your children or pets, or (dare I mention it) your in-laws or even out-laws?? ;  vacation time away from your dreary job – yes, there is wi-fi, but REALLY…you are there to relax and contemplate your navel. 


Back at our spot on the lanai, someone noticed a tattered paperback novel laying on the table that hadn’t been there before.  While flipping through the pages, Mei found our lunch tab…very clever!


If you are planning a visit to the Big Island, be sure to put Lava Lava Beach Club on your calendar, and make sure you at least stay for sunset.   And tell Scott and Eric that we sent you!  As they say:  “Stay and Play”….”Sip and Savor”

2012-08-01 13.50.25

XOXOXO and Aloha,

the Kona Babes


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