Annie’s Island Fresh Burgers: 6/29/2011


My first visit to Annie’s resulted from a nasty flash flood that tumbled down from the mountain and flowed right into the kitchen of Angel Café at the Aloha theater in Kainaliu.   After sitting in traffic for over an hour, we inched our way past the debris strewn roadway as I tried to placate  a frantic cook on my cellphone.  He informed me that the Café was closed because he was standing knee-deep in mud trying to save boxes of produce while marveling at the violent departure of electricity that seemed to crisp  the cash register on it’s way out.  Those hundred year floods seem to be occurring more often and with such ferocity!   


Annie’s Island Fresh Burgers, just a 2 minute drive from the Aloha Theater, seemed to be open for business, however the Mango Court parking lot contained  a lake of unknown depth.  Fortunately, my aging, but trusty 4-wheel drive Trooper waded in and I was able to back into a stall with little effort.   We skirted the water hazard successfully as we entered the screen door to find that at 6PM, we were able to get a table almost immediately.  At 6:20, the people started arriving as they realized that Annie’s was operating. 

My husband and I gratefully split the savory “BBQ South Point Burger” @ $10.95; a mountainous Mango Court Salad @ $13.95, plus a side of onion rings (after we saw them served at another table). 

The salad was exactly what I expected from a local eatery that uses organic produce from local farms:  tender greens, goat cheese, sweet tomatoes and onions, with the addition of “free-range” grilled chicken slices and a memorable  house made Mango Chutney dressing.   A few  weeks later, some of the Kona Babes drove south to Annie’s,  based on my ultra positive ravings.


Sorry – we failed at our job!”.  This means that the girls forgot to take photos of the food before they decimated it.  Cindy, Mei & Carol submitted their brief, but glowing testimony along with some (blurred) photos of their lunchtime rendezvous. They shared a “huge Steakhouse Burger ” ($10.95), Mango Court Salad ($13.95), and a side of Sweet Tempura Onion Rings  “YUM” ($2.95)

plus a pie-sized chocolate chip cookie ($2.95) for dessert.   Pleased in general with their choices, they remarked on the superb flavor and tenderness of the hamburger.  They also noted that the salad could have used a touch more of the fabulous Mango Chutney dressing.    Annie’s buys only locally grown produce and Island-raised beef; all organic, of course.    The cookie was reported as being tasty, however KBabe Cindy’s version is untouchable and leads  it’s own class of chocolate chip’s.      Their server, Veronique, delighted Mei in that she was able to converse in French about the menu and life in general.  With tax and tip, their cost was $15 each. 


Beer and wine are offered as well as fountain (am I dating myself??) drinks, milkshakes (!!) and other assorted beverages.  I wonder if they serve “Green River”?


Aloha ~ Lua Report:

Spotless and fresh smelling (patchuli, anyone?), with what appears to be a curtain from India Imports (throwback to the 60’s – I felt right at home). 


Annie’s décor is plant-filled, eclectic and arty, just as it should be in it’s hometown of Kainaliu.  In fact, I vaguely recall  a couple of macramé hanging Boston Fern plant holders in the dining lanai.  Definitely worth a stop on your sojourn south to  mac nut and coffee farms, Naalehu and even Volcano National Park for you intrepid souls!
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  1. I love this restaurant. I only get there on a rare occasion, but always friendly staff, cozy and fun environment, and the food is fantastic. This place gets an A++

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