A Day to Give Thanks!


Happy Thanksgiving!


….you are cordially invited to share a bountiful feast and give thanks for the abundance of blessings accorded to you – whatever they may be…

Our normally airborne hostess, Terri

Thanksgiving day holds different meaning for many people.  Some celebrate by volunteering to feed the needy and lonely;  others find solace in spending the day alone to meditate on their good (or not so good) fortune.   Most of my friends and family gather together to share a meal  after days of shopping, prepping and cooking enough food to feed a small township.  The normally lavish smorgasbord,  consisting of favorite and specialty dishes contributed by guests,  is a much anticipated annual event; in particular, one such event held at the home of Babe Terri and genial hubby, Bill, at their beautiful home on the verdant mauka   slopes of Hualalai.

Not all of the K-Babes were in attendance, as a few of us were either out of town, or had other plans for the day.    I personally did  not attend however the accompanying photos do sufficient justice along with my keen (?) observations to adequately portray  what was probably happening in many homes on Thanksgiving day.

…Some of the guests lingered over a glass of wine…and a turkey wing??

…others relaxed out on the lanai, taking in the spectacular  ocean view…

the boys (try to) convince each other of their low handicaps

…some felt that they had to get their hands into the fray of food prep…

the host (Bill) is very pleased with himself at this juncture

..a few assembled to bask in the glow of friendship…

Hey - you're supposed to kiss the cook(s) aren't you??

…while some preferred to enjoy singular pursuits in solitude…

this is obviously not the time to see if the darn thing works!!!

…..until someone reminded us why they were there in the first place!  To Eat!!

if they don't feed me soon, I'll chomp through the granite

…and  finally the feast was ready!

….and what a gala  of diverse cuisine it was!!

…. sumptuous potluck offerings  neatly identified by their own placecards marking the spot to be displayed in all their delectable glory!


…there were desserts aplenty to tempt the weak of heart…

four pumpkin pies from an ambitious baker!

…. all were seated as they savored the afternoon and shared the wonderful repast with dear ones….

… afterall – isn’t this part of what Thanksgiving is all about?

that does not appear to be my mommy's foot!

…. post meal culminated in earnest  cleanup duties for some….

was it Gloria Steinem that said "this is women's work"...

…and recreational relaxation techniques for others …..

..because we know how to delegate!

Despite this crazy world turning upside down; the media broadcasting  a barrage of unhappiness and fear for our  future prospects; time speeding along on an i-Wave of information overload; political mayhem and posturing for power; greed at every level casting itself  to the edge of humanity; the Mayan calendar and a grim forecast for 2012!!!! – we have so much to be thankful for – afterall, we live in paradise…

Happy Thanksgiving!

Mahalo Terri!

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  1. Forgot to give a BIG Mahalo, to our most gracious/wonderful hosts, Bill & Terri, you guys are the BEST !!!!!! & Bella of course. Love, Mei

  2. Thanks Jamsie for such great/smart/fabulous….. Posting & Thank you Carol for taking all the beautiful pics.!!!!! Such Talented Babes :-)…..

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